Past Masters

2019 WM Doug Chartier

2018 PM John Gracy

2017 PM Kevin Conn

2016 PM Mike Ward

2015 PM Brian Byrd

2014 PM Paul Ditty

2013 PM Stan Howard

2012 PM Dr. Warren R. Rensner, DDS

2011 PM Michael T. Wilson

2010 PM Roger G. Snellen

2009 PM Hugh Warren Gill, IV

2008 PM Loren James “Jim” Ralston

2007 PM Sheldon L. Lawrence

2006 PM Robert A. “Bob” Wydra

2005 PM Cecil M. “Mike” Rowsey

2004 PM R. Russell “Russ” Brown

2003 PM William R. “Buck” Fisher

2002 PM John P. Garrison

2001 PM Dennis Walter Roberts

2000 PM Merle Richard Talbott

1999 PM Robert C. “Bob” Talbott

1998 PM Terry Jon Kerstine

1997 PM Daniel R. “Dan” Hawkins

1996 PM Carl D. Patton

1995 PM R. Scott Kailer

1994 PM Craig Woodson

1993 PM Allen Ray Hale

1992 PM Van Alan McLemore, Electrical Engineer

1991 PM Carroll Allen Dando

1990 PM John Moore Myers

1989 PM James Thomas Ross

1988 PM John David Dotts

1987 PM Leonard Warren DeWitt

1986 PM Jimmy Ralph “Jim” Davenport

1985 PM H. Gene Payne

1984 PM Jerry Cole

1983 PM Maurice Owen “Maurey” Knepp, Motorcycle Business Owner

1982 PM Wilbur B. “Bill” Mohr, Wichita Police Department

1981 PM Harold L. Nofziger, SRS

1980 PM Cyril J. “Cy” Pfannenstiel, Engineer

1979 PM Hugh Warren Gill, III

1978 PM Ward Herman Johnson, Beech Aircraft Co.

1977 PM Harry Deverle Yates, Beech Aircraft Co.

1976 PM James O. “Jim” Foster, Boeing Co.

1975 PM Joseph Lynn “Joe” Patton, Credit Manager

1974 PM Donald S. “Don” Dennis, Wichita Fire Inspector

1973 PM Milo Gering Headding, Meter Reader KG&E

1972 PM Harold Ellis Russell, Aircraft Machinist

1971 PM Burl Shouse, Boeing and Cessna Aircraft Cos.

1970 PM Robert Glenn “Bob” Maulin

1969 PM Howard M. Endsley

1968 PM Leonard L. Rising, Conferee for the IRS

1967 PM Richard Allen “Dick” Porter, Real Estate Mortgage Officer

1966 PM Ben Skinner

1965 PM Leslie Thomas Smith, Boeing

1964 PM Wilburn C. “Bill” Butcher

1963 PM Robert L. “Bob” Davis

1962 PM Woodrow W. “Woody” Coleman

1961 PM Thomas Campbell “Tom” Raum, Jr., Attorney

1960 PM J. Alva Thomas

1959 PM Glen R. Glaze

1958 PM Ray H. Brown, Wichita Eagle Circulation Mgr.

1957 PM Ralph N. Henak

1956 PM Frank T. Moore, Western Glass Co.

1955 PM Charles S. Schnug

1954 PM William J. Lawrence

1953 PM Paul Simons, Cessna Aircraft

1952 PM Lawrence Broers

1951 PM Roy K. Bear

1950 PM Nathan A. Harms

1949 PM L. B. Swiggart

1948 PM Arthur W. Boyer

1947 PM Ernie Smith

1946 PM Gerry Edwards, Beech Aircraft

1945 PM Lee Ormsbee

1944 PM Luther A. Davis, Santa Fe RR Chief Clerk

1943 PM Robert J. Smith, Treasurer w/ Watkins, Inc.

1942 PM Del D. Wood, Printer

1941 PM Carl Hagel, Restaurant Owner

1940 PM Ray Rogers, Upholstery Shop Owner

1939 PM Robert J. Bailey, w/Firestone Rubber Co.

1938 PM Leo Daugherty, Credit Mgr w/Crane & Co.

1937 PM Bruce Newton, National Biscuit Co. Salesman

1936 PM Ralph C. McCutcheon, First National Bank Teller

1935 PM Albert Davies, w/Supply Dept. of Wichita BoE

1934 PM Fred Horn, w/State Tax Commission

1933 PM J. Albert Magee, w/Arkansas Valley Interurban

1932 PM J. H. Stewart, Jr., Life Insurance Business

1931 PM R. M. Adenauer, w/Wichita Flour Mills

1930 PM Fred L. Little, Rock Island RR Freight Agent

1929 PM C. F. Latchaw, Architect and Builder

1928 PM Vern H. Cobb, Deputy County Clerk

1927 PM Perry D. Baker, Auditor w/Cudahy Packing Co.

1926 PM Kenneth M. Kier, owner Sporting Goods Store

1925 PM Walter Anderson, w/White Castle Restaurants

1924 PM George M. Lowry, Pres. Wichita Flour Mills

1923 PM Ray Ruthrauff, w/Greenway Department Store

1922 PM George B. Cartwright, Orient RR Foreman

1921 PM Douglas Newell, Auditor w/KG&E

1920 PM Raymond S. Love, Physician/Surgeon

1919 PM Alva L. McDaniel, w/ Comley Lumber Company

1918 PM Hugh Gill, Gill’s Mortuary

1917 PM Frank Dunkin, Principal of Wichita High

1916 PM Henry “Doc” Seelye, Dentist

1915 PM Waverly Piper, Sheetmetal Business

1914 PM Henry Wallenstein, Department Store Owner

1913 PM James A. Clark, County Clerk

1912 PM Bret W. Jaquith

1911 PM A. D. Taylor, Franklin School Principal

1910 PM Ralph E. Martin, owned Martin’s Art Store

1909 PM Bruce Griffith, Lutheran Minister

1908 PM Charles Hatton, Life Insurance

1907 PM Gifford M. Booth, Printer

1906 PM Paul Brown, Attorney

1905 PM Richard E. Bird, Attorney

1904 PM Julius E. Luling, Bookkeeper

1903 PM J. F. Bennett, Bookkeeper for Lumber Co.

1902 PM John H. Reynolds, w/Imboden Milling Co.

1901 PM William S. Grant, Produce Co. Owner

1900 PM W. W. Pearce, Jeweler/Dental Supply

1899 PM Goddard Gehring, Drugstore Business

1898 PM Fred H. Stuckey, Clothing Business

1897 PM Thos. G. Fitch

1896 PM E. E. Bleckley, Railroad Ticket Agent

1895 PM George L. Pratt, Lumber Dealer