What Do You Seek?

truththumbStudy what thou art, Whereof thou art a part; For what thou knowest of this art, This is truly what thou art.

Everything that is without, Also is within. Thus sayeth Trismosin

From the building of King Solomon's Temple, to the Knights Templar of the Medieval Crusades (including Jacques DeMolay and Friday the 13th), to the latest Dan Brown novel: we individually make a determination of what is myth and what is truth.

The saying goes, "The only thing constant is change." This is almost universally true: except for the fact that "The Truth" never changes...and never will. Not all who read this will be interested in pursuing membership. Not all who petition are accepted. However, if you have looked through the information on this site and: have found it compelling, are male, are not a minor, are not an atheist, and believe you are likeminded with a truly sincere interest...then you are invited to keep reading! After due reflection and prayerful consideration, should you still find that you desire light in Masonry, please contact us and let us know! You will never meet a more upright and willing group of men, whom afterward you will find to be Brothers, ready and able to assist, and then accompany, you on your journey (as a part of the oldest and largest fraternity in the world), as we all make our way through this transitory existence. Fraternally, The Brothers of Albert Pike Lodge #303 Wichita, KS